how do i find my 1d experience post when the moms tried to fight me bc my friend wants to hear the story but idk how to find the post


Kim Seo Ryong Fall/Winter 2014


Late night trip to the florist


this is so tempting 


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#listen#LISTEN.#gOD the beautiful wholesome boy next door who’s all sweet and nice and helps being brownies over when you move in#and he’s on the soccer team and he’s dorky and in a couple of your classes and you guys carpool too#and he sometimes needs help in math so you tutor him over at his house and always end up staying over for dinner#and you think he’s innocent and adorable until one day you look through your bedroom window#and realize you can see his bedroom window too#and he’s shirtless in a right pair of briefs and you never knew he had that much muscle on him#and then like a week later the lights are off in your room but you look over and he’s jaCKING OFF#and you blush but you’re so flustered and you realize you totally have the hots for him#so you don’t say anything but it gets awkward between you two and you know he doesn’t know why#until one day he pulls over into an empty Parking lot on the way to school and demands to know why you guys aren’t friends like you used to be#and you embarrassingly mumble about what you saw#and instead of being mad you realize he just looks incredibly turned on#and then he says ‘I was thinking of you’ and theN YOU TWO FUCK IN THE BACKSEAT (X)


Stripes or die